Saturday, March 21, 2020

What in the RONA has happened here?

When things stand out to me, I spend most of my day thinking and trying to understand why it happened the way that it did,  At my foundation, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Some things don't make sense at the time, but at some point later in life, in reflection, I seem to find a connection, Is that the same for you?

Well I have certainly been stumped a time or two, but this "RONA" has me scratching my head.Those who know me, know that I ALWAYS have something to say, but I don't always say it.  I wait until the time feels right for me. It feels like the right time to talk about Ms. RONA.

I am not a scientist - but I observe and research things to share my findings.
I am not a doctor - but I diagnose problems in my head.
I am not a preacher - but I have a message.

When it comes to "Rona" (as labeled by social media), also known as Coronavirus or COVID-19, I have had many thoughts, ideas and possibly suggestions.

I don't think any of us have answers, but most of us are reflecting quietly and in our small groups. 

We can focus on the problem or focus on the solution. The outcome from this seemingly insignificant mindset shift will be dramatically different.

I know that I am not the only one wondering, "How could this happen to US?" but WHAT IF we, for this moment not focus on the how, but focus on the what if...

What if...
  • WE, the global WE needed to slow down.  WE, the world WE. Maybe things were moving too fast and we were about to CRASH. Despite best efforts, no one could redirect us make us stop and WE were out of control.
  • YOU needed to "RE-ORG" your life? You knew this already but you never had time to do it because you had work, you had play, you had this event and that event and this...and that.
  • YOU needed to spend more time with your family? Despite your best intentions, you always had other demands on your time. You had this meeting, that meeting, this thing, that thing.
  • YOU needed to spend time with YOURSELF  to think and reflect about your life's journey, where you came from, where you are now, where you are going and how the heck are you going to get there.
  • YOU needed to learn to APPRECIATE what you have and realize that you don't NEED anything else.
  • YOU needed a reminder to be GRATEFUL for your life, your health, your job, your family and friends.
  • YOU needed to stop being SELFISH and to think about others for a change.
  • YOU needed to realize that PEOPLE really do matter and you can't make it alone.
  • YOU needed to understand that you really don't have the POWER and CONTROL that you thought you had.
Have you ever heard it said that something really bad has to happen to get people's attention?

What if everything that is happening now is what was needed to make US open our eyes to what is really important in life? What if we had to go through this to get back to caring about each other, valuing differences, treating people the right way, making time for our loved ones, reconnecting, spending quality time, getting our lives in order, appreciating what we have, realizing what we NEED or maybe just revisiting the very foundation of our existence as humans. Rethinking our values, morals, rules or maybe it was just to remember to wash our hands, cover our cough, be careful what we touch...

Everyone won't get it, but let's suppose that we came out of this with:
  • a renewed spirit
  • a realization of how important people are to our lives
  • real conversations, that matter
  • re-connection with estranged friends/family
  • a clean closet
  • an organized brain
  • time to write a book that we've wanted to write for years
  • a chance to listen to someone who has been trying to talk
  • a new focus on health and wellness
  • whatever you needed to learn

What if we center ourselves, get focused, rest up, catch up, prepare for what will come next? Let's try to stay positive and do our part in helping to solve the problem. While we are in it, let's work on ourselves in a way that can help others.

AND maybe,  I'm just ranting and none of what I said means anything to anyone. However, if the outcome is good and one person learns from it then it was time well spent.